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Leverage Your Brain For You

Leverage Your Brain For You

This week I want to share some of my SSMC work and introduce you to a little part of the brain that, though it be small, packs a punch. Knowing how it interacts with your mindset can shift everything in a split second. 

So best you buckle up for this really important session on the brain and mindset.

Make yourself comfortable, and get ready for a session that will literally blow your mind!


Dr Alia Crum - adaptive mindset increasing biomarkers of allergic tolerance in patients receiving oral immunotherapy for food allergies: Changing mindsets about side effects | BMJ Open

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The Liminal Zone
The Liminal Zone Alchemist
The podcast for when you're stuck between the patterns of your past, and the pull of your purpose,
with your host, ME! (Sally Hardie...).
Each week (ish!) I’ll be challenging your understanding of what it is to be a human in the modern world.
I’ll help you free your innate genius from the socialised shadows, reconnect with your inner knowing, and lean into ”that pull”, letting your purpose guide and support you with ease, to the impact that only you can make in the world.
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